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CWSC MONTHLY | April 7, 2021

The Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication (CWSC) is an educational support unit at UBC Vancouver. The CWSC draws on evidence-based research to design and deliver writing-focused programming for all community members.


Today, April 7th, the CWSC is proud to present a new two-part workshop, “Faculty Perspectives on Writing the Op-Ed” and “Writing the Op-Ed: An Instructional Talk,” co-hosted with the Public Humanities Hub. We are particularly grateful to the faculty participants— Dallas Hunt, Bathseba Opini, Michelle Stack, James Stewart, and Heidi Tworek—who contributed their time and expertise to this exciting event.


Undergraduate Consultations | Graduate Consultations
Two formats of online consultation are available: Video Consultation and Written Feedback. All students at UBC are invited to sign up for a peer-to-peer conversation about their writing.

Written Feedback

January 18th – April 16th
Monday, Wednesday, Friday:

12am – 4pm

Video Consultation
January 18th – April 16th
Tuesday, Thursday:

10am – 2pm

Following the intercession, Undergraduate and Graduate Consultations will resume with the beginning of the Summer Semesters.

Postdoctoral Fellows | Faculty and Staff
Patty Kelly, Program Manager, who holds a doctorate in Writing and Discourse Studies, is available for one-on-one writing consultations with postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff.



Writing in the STEM Disciplines

Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 10am – 12pm PT

This workshop introduces researchers to the typical organizational structure of a research article in the STEM disciplines, while accounting for variation in disciplinary differences. That is, some conventions and features of English academic writing remain constant across STEM disciplines, while others vary to account for discipline-specific norms and expectations of community members. The workshop facilitators draw on evidence-based research to identify some of the similarities and differences in style at both the macro- and micro-levels of the text.

Statements of Teaching Philosophy: Writing

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 10am – 12pm PT

This workshop grounds the discussion of typical organizational and stylistic features of the teaching statement in several real world examples from diverse disciplines. As well, the workshop includes dedicated time for participants to revise a statement of teaching philosophy and receive feedback from facilitators and peers. Therefore, the workshop is most useful for those with a draft teaching statement underway.

To learn more about all of the workshops on offer, visit our website.


To mitigate social isolation and maintain productivity, the CWSC invites all members of UBC’s community to gather each week to write alone—together.

UBC-Wide Writing Community

January 13 – April 14, 2021
Wednesdays, 2pm – 4pm


Science writers will be interested to explore the CWSC’s annotated chemistry and biology research articles, as well as UBC’s Science Writing Resources for Learning (ScWRL). Check them out here.


The CWSC works with 16 undergraduate and graduate students from across the disciplines. Here is a brief profile of three peer Writing Consultants:


Courtney is a Master’s Student and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) recipient in the Department of English. More...


Gideon is a PhD student at Peter A. Allard School of Law. Prior to commencing his PhD at UBC, Gideon obtained an LLM degree from the University of Saskatchewan. More...


Jared is a fourth-year undergraduate BSc candidate in Biology. He has worked as a research assistant with the UBC Zoology department and is most familiar with scientific writing styles such as lab reports, short opinion papers, and so on.

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